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Texas is a License to Lash State!

I know, I know! WTW? Why am I just finding this out?

This may be the statement many have upon learning this for the first time. If you have been Lashin', or took a class and spent your hard-earned money and were never given this disclaimer. Yes, It's true!

Sec. 1602.2571 Eligibility for a Specialty License in Eyelash Extensions Application

(a) A person holding a specialty license in eyelash extension application may perform only the practice of cosmetology defined in Section 1602.002(a)(10)

(b) To be eligible for a specialty license in eyelash extension application, an applicant must:

(1) be at least 17 years of age; (this may change by 09/2023)

(2) have obtained a high school diploma or the equivalent of a high school diploma or have passed a valid examination administered by a certified testing agency that measures the person's ability to benefit from training.


(3) have completed a training program described by Section 1602.2572 that has been approved by the commission

So be sure if you are practicing Lashin' and exchanging the service for money, you are in direct violation of State Law. Let's keep one another safe and Legit.


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