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What is required to enroll?
To enroll you MUST be at least 17 years of age, have a high school diploma/GED equivalent, and a government issued state ID, DL, or passport with your photo.

Do you have to be licensed to offer eyelash extension services?
Yes, you do have to be licensed to offer eyelash extension services.
You are required to have an Eyelash Specialty, Esthetics or Cosmetology License in Texas. 
Do you have to be licensed to take the lash course?
No, you do NOT have to be licensed. Our lash course will prepare you for lashin' and licensing. After completing the 320 hr. course, you will be eligible and ready to take both the written and practical exams. 

How long is the 320 hr. course?
The course is 12 weeks but can be completed in as little as 6.5-8 weeks. TDLR will allow you to obtain up to 46 hrs. per week.  

Can I take the 320-hr. course online?
No, you cannot take the complete course online, as of Oct. 31, 2022. You are allowed to take a portion of the course online.

Do you accept FAFSA?
No, we do not accept financial aid. We do offer an affordable flex plan, After Pay/6 month no % through PayPal, and we are a TWC approved vocational training school. 
Do you offer a Certification Class?
Yes, we offer a 2 Day Certification class for those who have an Esthetic or Cosmetology license. We even offer the class to currently enrolled students with an active state issued student permit.

Are you able to apply Eyelash Extensions with a Certificate?
No, in the State of Texas and 46 other States you must be a licensed occupation holder of either Esthetics or Cosmetology. As a Cosmetologist do I need to obtain an Eyelash Extensions Specialty license?No, as a State licensed professional you only need to be trained by taking a Eyelash Class. Be sure the course is an approved course, and the instructor is a license holder. 

Is it still a suitable time to Start a Lash Business? 
Yes! The average base salary for a Lash Tech is $50K and up!

Get Insured

Who created or invented lashes?
Google will tell you Anna Taylor, a Canadian woman filed the first patent in the U.S. Lash books will give credit to Maksymillian Faktorowicz, a Polish guru and businessman, who founded Max Factor in 1916. My research found that UK native, Karl Nessler holds the first patent filed Aug. 1902.
Daniel Dinh, however, holds the first and 2009 patent in the U.S. for multi-layer Eyelash Extensions.
How many lashes does one have?
Normally 100-150 
Do Eyelash Extensions harm my lashes?
Properly applied lashes Do Not harm the natural lashes. Be sure that an approved adhesive for lashes is being used.
How long will my Eyelash Extenisons last?
Natural lashes have three growth cycles. Typically, lashes have a life span of 6 to 12 weeks. If lashes are attached to Telogen lashes they are the first to go. This being said, you lose lashes daily, just like you lose hair from your head.




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