Lash Care during the Summer Heat

Now we all know that Eye Lash Extensions are the accessory of the century, right? However, there's nothing worse than seeing them unkept. There use to be rules to make-up and the whole glam factor and so since they've been thrown out the window let's have a crash course.

1. If you're going to wear them be sure that they aren't touching your eye brows.

2. Thinking of eye brows they shouldn't stretch beyond your brow line.

3. Be sure that you select a look/style that is complimenting to both your facial shape as well as your eye-set.

4. Be sure to brush them daily to keep them looking coiffed and tamed.

5. Please, please wash both your eye lids as well as your eyelashes regularly.

6. Do Not sleep on your face. This causes premature breakage/shedding.

7. Do Not pluck or pull on your lashes. This causes premature breakage/shedding.

8. Do Not use an oil based anything on your lash line or eye lash extensions. This can dissolve your adhesion.

9. Do Not get your lashes within 24 hours of application.

10. Do Not expose them to oven heat or anything similar. This can singe your eye lash extensions.

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