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Eyelash Care / Heat/ Summer Heat

Now we all know that Eye Lash Extensions are the accessory of the century, right? However, there's nothing worse than seeing them unkept. There used to be rules about make-up and the whole glam factor and so since they've been thrown out the window let's have a crash course.

1. Brush your lashes Daily . This keeps them full/fluffy.

2. Wash your lashes Daily. This prevents oil/ debris build up as well as mite infestation.

3. Do Not sleep on your face. This causes premature breakage.

4. Do Not pluck or pull on your lashes. This causes premature breakage/shedding.

5. Do Not use oil-based products on your lash line/lash extensions. This creates a home for debris and mites.

6. Do Not get your lashes wet within 24 hours of application.

7. Do Not expose your face to heat elements (fire, ovens, tanning beds). This will singe/burn your extensions.

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